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  • Text or Call Us: 952-479-0172 
  • Email Us:      Open Hours: 0900 to 1600
  •  10800 Lyndale Avenue South, Bloomington, MN 55420

ZHI | Morning Clinical Intro

You are almost done with the course, hooray! Classroom done! Now onto clinical...

Steve plans to be at Presbyterian Homes Castle Ridge  at 0645 (6:45am). Clinical begins at 7:00am. In case you are unable to locate me at the clinical site, please text or call
Steve (952-479-0172) or Survival (612-298-8044).

Clinical days - Refer to Calendar Booking booking confirmation email.

Please review the following:

Welcome document from PresHomes Castle Ridge, click here

Driving directions, click here 

Parking location, click here {Castle Ridge Employee parking is across from FIVE GUYS} 

Please note

  • Unless you have discussed with me regarding absent time in advance, please remember you must attend all three days to receive completion certificate. Make up will be arranged the following month as needed.

Hire Our Graduates

Our Graduate Hire Program

We want to thank you in advance and assure you that hiring a Zandu Health Initiative (ZHI) graduate is always the right decision. We are confident our graduate referrals have infinite potential to deliver quality care. As an employer of one of our graduates we consider you to be a partner. 

To learn more about the Zandu Health Initiative Graduate Hire Program click here to complete the Partnership Form to be added to our partnership database. 

Why a Graduate Quality Guarantee Program?

We strongly believe in the great service we provide not only to our graduates but to the employment community in general. We are invested in changing the lives of our graduates and to positively impacting the quality of the workforce worldwide.

We know that in today’s economy employers have an abundance of employee applicants from which to choose from and we want employers to invest in our graduates and thus invest in us. Investments require trust and we hope to cement that trust by putting it in writing that your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Steve Mandieka | Program Administrator | text or call: 952.479.0172 | 10800 Lyndale Avenue South, Bloomington, MN 55420

Nurse Aide Resume Worksheet

Please complete the form below:


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List any activities you have done and important courses you have completed that would be important to address to future employers
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What type of employment are you looking for?
What shifts are you available to work?
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ZANDU HEALTH INITIATIVE | Learn More. Inspire Communities.

Over the years, we’ve been able to build a reputation as one of the most innovative and strategic organizations in our industry. We accept applications from prospective partnerships all year round. Those interested to join us related to our work are encouraged to contact us by phone, email or by using the contact form to get more information. 

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