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Flagstone Morning Clinical Guide Notes


Presbyterian Homes || Flagstone || 625 Prairie Center Dr || Eden Prairie, MN 55344 || Phone: (952) 942-2100 || https://www.castleridgephs.com


Back side of the building across from FIVE GUYS. Refer to map here PLEASE NOTE: In case you are unable to find the parking across from FIVE GUYS, please use the front parking lot only on day one. However, if requested to move your car, please do so. After parking, you will walk to the facility entrance door, press a buzzer located on the top right corner for a staff member to let you in.


According to the calendar booking schedule.


When you arrive at the facility entrance door, press a buzzer located on the top right corner for an employee to let you in. Proceed to the nursing station and inform the nurse that you are a nursing assistant student from ZANDU HEALTH INITIATIVE attending clinical. You will be guided to the family room where students usually meet during clinical. Alternatively, you can text or call me to help answer the questions [Clinical Instructor, Steve Mandieka, 952-479-0172]. You may also call [Clinical Instructor, Survival at 612-298-8044]


PresHomes Castle Ridge Policy: No cell phone usage (texts/making calls/taking photos) when providing cares to residents/patients. We strictly abide with this policy at CLINICAL. If found using your cell phone, we will enforce this policy in accordance to the School Code of Conduct.


  • Eyewear or Face Shield
  • Athletic shoes (sneakers | no open shoes);
  • Transfer belt will be available at the facility (you do not need to bring your own);
  • Please have short nails 1/4-inch-long (no artificial nails);
  • hoodies, fanny packs or sun glasses should NOT be worn when providing care to residents;
  • Shoulder length hair must be secured back away from face.
  • Navy blue uniform
  • Student ID/Name Badge must be visible to residents and staff


Breaks are assigned by your instructor. Usually, a student takes a break at the same time with assigned nursing assistant. At Castle Ridge, nursing assistants are referred to as resident assistants (RAs).

Please bring your own boxed lunch or snack. A refrigerator and microwave are available for use. A vending machine with pop and snacks is also available. Alternatively, you may also choose to buy food at nearby restaurants.

Use the facility address to search for restaurants: 625 Prairie Center Drive, Eden Prairie, MN 55344.


Travel light: If you bring any purses/books/skills kit or bags, please leave them in the trunk of your car.


Please use your cell phone during break times only. Cell phone use during patient care (for example, when in a patient's room, while walking down the hallways, in the dining room or any other interactions that may predispose the patient to HIPAA violations) is not allowed.


Clinical instructor or nurse manager will assign you to shadow a staff member. You will observe followed by active participation in the care of residents. The required outcome at clinical is the student will progress to independence with resident care in the three clinical days. Often, you will work with the same group of residents or the same resident assistant (RA) all three days. However, the instructor may modify assignments each clinical day depending on staff availability and student needs.

PLEASE NOTE: You must complete all three days to successfully pass your clinical experience. Plan to be on time to report to clinical. In addition, you may not leave early from the clinical site without instructor permission.

Flagstone Morning Clinical Intro

You are almost done with the course, hooray! Classroom done! Now onto clinical...

Steve plans to be at Presbyterian Homes Castle Ridge  at 0645 (6:45am). Clinical begins at 7:00am. In case you are unable to locate me at the clinical site, please text or call
Steve (952-479-0172) or Survival (612-298-8044).

Clinical days - Refer to Calendar Booking booking confirmation email.

Please review the following:

Welcome document from PresHomes Castle Ridge, click here

Driving directions, click here 

Parking location, click here {Castle Ridge Employee parking is across from FIVE GUYS} 

Please note

  • Unless you have discussed with me regarding absent time in advance, please remember you must attend all the clinical days to receive completion certificate. Make up will be arranged the following month as needed.

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