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Our History

At ZHI in 2016, we commit to pioneer and expand world class standards in health care education, research and application of health care knowledge that are cost-effective, productive, and result in a fair return-on-investment.

Furthermore, we plan to continue improving public health and advance efforts to achieve interoperable public health systems and population health goals

ORGANIZATIONAL POSITIONING SYSTEM (OPS): We are a multi-talented, very organized, and simply dedicated group of individuals who have a very marketable service - community service - therefore plan to use our life experiences and expertise to curb the economic and social issues that affect the lives, especially the health status, of vulnerable and underserved communities.


Minnesota Office of Higher Education (MOHE) - Zandu Health Initiative (ZHI) is licensed by the Minnesota Office of Higher Education (MOHE) as a Private Career School to offer the Trained Medication Aide Program.

Zandu Health Initiative celebrates four year anniversary for Clive Bosire, Medical Director who completed Doctor of Medicine degree from Mayo Medical School in 2011.