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Q A How do I register for a class offered at Zandu Health Initiative?

Applications are accepted prior to the first day of class and students are accepted on a first come, first served basis. If you are not able to come to the school in advance, your full payment or down payment can be made on-line securely via our registration page to reserve your seat.

On your first day of class, please bring a pen, paper and two forms of acceptable identification such as a driver’s license, government-issued identification, or other acceptable identification. Read more

Q A Which options are available for registration?

A prospective student may choose to register:

Q A How long is the Nursing Assistant Program?

The instructor-led and blended/online/hybrid classes are as short as four (4) weeks and up to eight (8) weeks.

Class options include days, evenings, and/or weekends. In addition, we offer the Blended/Online/Hybrid class.

Q A How old do I have to be to register for the CNA Program?

The minimum age is 16 years to qualify for admission into the Nursing Assistant Program.

Q A What is the location of the Face2Face class?

The address is 10800 Lyndale Avenue South, Bloomington, MN 55420. Click here to use Google Maps

Q A What programs are offered at Zandu Health Initiative?

Zandu Health Initiative (ZHI) offers:

  • Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Program
  • Trained Medication Aide (TMA) program
  • CardioPulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) program.
  • Mantoux screening, blood tests and chest x-rays for tuberculosis

Q A What do I need to bring on the first day of Face2Face class?

Please bring a pen, paper and two forms of acceptable identification such as a driver’s license, government-issued identification, or other acceptable identification. Read more
If you made payment plan arrangements with a program advisor, please bring the completed and signed payment authorization form you received from the program advisor.

Q A What to bring to class every day?

Bring a positive attitude and a willingness to learn. Read our Student Code of Conduct.

Q A Where do I get classroom textbook and classroom supplies?

A student receives a class textbook and nursing assistant kit on the first day of Face2Face. Additional fees for textbook and classroom supplies are listed in the class section you registered. The Cost of Attendance is also available here

Q A Do I need to wear uniform to the Face2Face class?

Our dress code is casual dress that is appropriate for a classroom setting. Navy blue scrub uniforms and athletic shoes or non slip shoes are worn during clinicals.

Q A Do I need a high school diploma or HSE for the Nursing Assistant Program?

A prospective student is note required to have a high school diploma or HSE (formerly GED) to take the Nursing Assistant Program. However, a student needs to attain a passing score upon taking the English Comprehension exam to enroll in the nursing assistant class.

Q A What is a Background Study?

Minnesota law requires that any person who provides service involving direct contact with patients and residents at a healthcare facility licensed by the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) have a background study completed. You need two forms of identification documents for the background study to be initiated. 

Click here to view the Acceptable Forms of ID

After a student registers for a class, he/she will then complete the Background Data Collection Form and bring it to class in order for a school representative/official to begin the process to complete the background check.

Click here to view the Background Data Collection Form

Q A Do you offer a flexible payment plan for tuition and fees?

Flexible payment plans vary depending on the program. The payment plan is arranged by the program advisor upon registration, read more here

Q A I had a background check from my employer, can I use it to fulfill the Nursing Assistant Program requirement?

According to the requirements from Minnesota Department of Human Services, Zandu Health Initiative is required to conduct another background check.

Q A Why do I need fingerprints for the Background Study?

In 2017, Minnesota became the 36th state to pass a law requiring a fingerprint-based criminal background check for health care team members.

Q A Where do I go to be fingerprinted and photographed?

The Minnesota Department of Human Services (MnDHS) has approved several locations throughout Minnesota. Click here to find DHS-approved fingerprint and photo locations

Q A I need more information about Tuberculosis Screening...

Minnesota law requires students to have tuberculosis screening completed prior to clinical. We partner with Brij Health to offer Tuberculosis screening. Please schedule an appointment here

Q A Can I take the Nursing Assistant Written and Skills tests on the same day upon completion of the program?

Yes. A listing of the Minnesota State Exam sites can be found here

Q A What happens if I fail the nursing assistant state exam?

If an individual is unsuccessful in completion of the competency evaluation program, the individual must be advised of the areas which he or she did not pass and must be given at least three opportunities to take the evaluation again.

Q A Will Zandu Health Initiative (ZHI) help me get a job after I complete the CNA Program?

Zandu Health Initiative (ZHI) helps with job placement to local healthcare facilities. Being in the facilities during clinical may help you in your job search, and also help you to determine if this is the career for you. Please complete the form here

You may also access employment resources such as the Career Center.

Q A What is the requirement to be employed as a Nursing Assistant?

To be employed, a Nurse Aide must have completed a training program approved by the State or demonstrate that he or she is enrolled in a State approved training program.

Q A What if I have additional questions?

If you have additional questions about your registration status, class schedule, payment, please schedule an appointment here to come on campus or you may text, call (952) 479-0172 or send us a message here

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